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We are committed to the highest standards of quality and integrity in our products and services.

Over the past 25 years Assured Security Services has worked hard to become the premier provider of security services in metro Atlanta.

Our Mission:
To provide our clients with peace-of-mind by competently protecting them... and their assets.

Our Vision:
To generate value, pride and confidence among our clients by providing top quality & affordable security services to communities located in the metropolitan Atlanta area and surrounding counties.

Our Values:
We value honesty, integrity, customer focus, creative criticism and efficient professional actions. We respect highly motivated people and team spirit. We positively support safety, security, society and the law. Guided by these values, we provide superior rewards to all productive Assured Security associates. We believe that in order for us to consistently deliver high-quality and professional security services to our clients, we must be committed to the following:

  • The delivery of superior security services training for our team members
  • The application of up-to-date security team management concepts
  • The constant improvement of our processes and services
  • Consistent continuity in our middle and senior management ranks
  • Short and long-term goals that are clearly defined

Over the years we have established a firm foundation and are highly respected in the private security sector.

About Assured Security About Assured Security About Assured Security

Security Services

Decades of combined private security and law enforcement experience.

The Assured Security Services team is committed to providing the following reliable and professional security services to the Atlanta metropolitan area and surrounding counties:

Security Patrol

Professionally equipped patrol vehicles - high visibility

Asset Protection

Site vulnerability consultations - full-time facility monitoring

Security Escort

Bank transactions - special events - close personal protection


Electronic Surveillance

Security cameras - Digital Video Recording (DVR) & CCTV systems

Alarm System Design and Installation

Perimeter/Room-by-room strategy


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Here's what a few of our clients have to say:

The Importance Of Physical Security Throughout The World

By Mark Huddleston

For years the need for physical security has grown immensely without an end of growth in sight. Independent property owners, as well as multi-story business building complex owners, are now understanding the need for this once frowned upon profession. Property owners now understand that police response time can be critical if a hostile event were to occur at the immediate location of their property. Physical security professionals on site can prevent a menial event escalating into a hostile event; just by their mere presence can deter most on-site happenings.

Physical security is no longer a laughing matter. Even the stock market has their eyes on the physical security market. The physical security market is expected to grow from USD 69.63 Billion in 2016 to USD 112.43 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 10.1% between 2016 and 2021. This is huge!

Homeowners and business owners alike are sensing the need for physical protection systems. Many property owners are beginning to understand the need for multiple layers of defense to protect them from intruders gaining direct access to their homes, businesses, and other vital resources. Invasion detection systems are practical controls that are vital because they detect a break-in and/or invasion. Detection systems are a must because they notify security professionals of a security event taking place immediately.

When it comes to information security, physical security is usually not thought of much or at all. Many people don't have the slightest notion that physical security has technical and administrative elements affiliated with it. Physical security is often ignored due to organizations placing priorities on technology adapted to security countermeasures to impede hacking attacks. Most organizations don't have the understanding that hacking into network systems is not the only way that sensitive information can be stolen or used against a person, business, or organization. Physical security must be employed correctly to prevent attackers from gaining physical access to your home, businesses, or organizations, and taking whatever it is they can salvage after gaining access. Online deterrents like firewalls, cryptography, and other security methods would be of no use if that were to occur. What most businesses and organizations are faced with in this present day would be stolen USB drives, tablets, laptops, flash drives, and smartphones. These devices all have the ability to store sensitive information that can be lost or stolen. People, businesses, and organizations are faced with the challenges of safeguarding information, equipment, people, facilities, systems, and other company assets. People, businesses, and organizations can face civil or criminal penalties due to negligence for not adapting and having proper security controls in place.

The main objective of physical security is to safeguard property, information, personnel, equipment, IT infrastructure, facilities, and all other vital assets. There must be multi-layered security measures in place to help safeguard all of the elements just mentioned. Let's face it; it is much harder for an attacker to reach their objective when multiple layers of security have to be bypassed to access a resource. What are you waiting for? Take action now before it's too late!

If you would like for me to come speak on the subject of security you may contact me through http://www.drmarkhuddleston.com

Article Source: https://ezinearticles.com/?The-Importance-Of-Physical-Security-Throughout-The-World&id=9870271

Private Security - An Overview of the Different Types of Services Offered by Most Security Firms

By Marcus Davis

Private security is something that has been around for a very long time (in one form or another). Though we would like to think that we live in a world that allows for safety from personal harm, theft, or vandalism, the facts show us otherwise. Crime rates are higher than they have ever been and criminals are becoming much more daring and ruthless in their desperate attempts.

There truly is a security service for virtually anything you would ever imagine. What I will do here is go over the major services that are offered by most private security firms.

Starting from the top:

1. Personal Security

This service is typically used for celebrities, corporate executives, high profile individuals, and dignitaries. Personal security is geared toward protecting a single individual. In most cases, persons of this type are most interested in hiring armed security agents (A.K.A Body Guards)

2. Executive Security

Executive level security services are geared toward protecting a group of high profile individuals. Typically, executive protection services are employed by a group of corporate or business professionals who might be traveling overseas or entering into a potentially sticky situation.

3. Event Security

Event security is among the top level services provided by security firms. This service deals with providing extremely savvy protection agents to monitor and secure small to large events. These events can range from small business parties to large political speeches.

Here I have listed only the top 3 types of private security services available. Most firms are willing to tailor fit their services to meet your specific needs. Nearly all of the security firms across the world are well versed in a vast array of situations and most of these companies only hire off-duty (or retired) police officers and military personnel. The reason for this is that men who come from backgrounds such as these have been very well trained in the areas necessary to provide the absolute best security service possible.

It would come highly recommended for you to do your due diligence when looking to hire one of these agencies. As of late, the vast majority of these firms are available online and you can contact them for interviews.

In conclusion, I hope that this article has been helpful and I send my regards in your endeavor for a private security agency.

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Marcus_Davis/72653

Being Proactive With Security on Your Property

By Brett Beatty

I was a police officer for over 15 years and dealt with a lot of tenant and property manager complaints at various apartment complexes throughout my city. Most of my dealings was with the tenants, because I worked the midnight shift and none of the property managers were up working at that time. So we became the complaint solvers. Complaints came in regularly at some of the same apartment complexes which become troublesome. I would always ask myself what is being done on these properties to prevent criminal activity from occurring and why are the complaints coming from repeated complainants. Well the answer I found was "Nothing."

Most if not all the complaints were based on a reactive response. A tenant would have their car broken into and would call the police to file a complaint, because that is what they were told to do by management. I would ask the complainant/tenant if there was security on the property and their answer was either " I don't know", or "No we don't". Almost always there was no chance of us( The Police) catching any suspects who committed the crime because it was always after the incident had occurred. On some rare occasions we would receive a call from a tenant who was witnessing a criminal act in progress on the property. But because our police resources weren't always abundant by the time we arrived on site to catch the suspect(s) in action they were long gone. Yes we would take the report, lift fingerprints, and conduct a canvass, but honestly that was to make the tenant reporting the incident happy. The report would be filed with Detective Division and be stacked away with the other hundreds of reports that were investigating, never pulling the report to investigate the incident unless it became a crime epidemic on the property.

So as you see from the information listed above the property manager's level of security on their property is to call the police when an incident occurs. This is what they tell their tenants when they lease out an apartment. This is obviously classified as a reactive approach to security. What I'm about to tell you is how to take a proactive approach to security in your business or on your property.

Now I know a lot of property manager's are going to say that they don't have a budget for security and that is what the police are for. But remember this, the police are under staffed, unfortunately taking care of higher priority calls, and almost always responding to the complaint after the incident has occurred. And what I found out which is frightening is that the only way property managers would provide security on their property is if a critical incident happened such as a homicide, rape, home invasion, or car jacking. It seems that security is the last item in everyone's budget but the most important in my mind.

Property manager's first need to see what issues they have on their properties and put them in classifications. Next they need to contact a professional security company to provide them with a security site assessment or free security consultation of their property based on the issues and challenges that are happening. Remember this process doesn't happen over night, it takes weeks, and sometimes months, before a solution is found. But remember to be patient during this process. A good security company will pull records of all the criminal incidents that have occurred in a certain mile radius, time that they occurred, and the type of incidents occurring. They will see if there were any arrests made recently that can be tracked back to their property.

The next part in the process is customizing a security plan to meet their needs. One of the best security services and the best deterrent out there is called the roving patrol. This type of security provides randomized patrols on the property from a highly marked and visible security vehicle with flashing LED lights. The vehicle enters the property at different times during the night documenting what they see and hear. Some companies provide real time reporting, which allows the officer to write his reports on a computer which is inside the vehicle while he is on the property. These reports are then uploaded instantly to a program which the client can log in and see what is going on their property. And since were in the technology age, GPS tracked security vehicles provide accountability to the client allowing them to justify the time that the security company is on their property.

I can sum up my whole article by saying this- It is required by all registered motor vehicle owners to have their vehicle's insured in case of accident. They pay a premium which varies based on their driver history and the amount of tickets or accidents they have had in the past. Or what risk level they are. You pay this insurance premium as long as you have a registered car on the road. You may never need it but know that if a accident happens you do have it. This can be applied to security. Management companies own properties that require apartments to be leased by tenants. If you provide security on the property you may never need it but if a threat or criminal incident does occur you know you have security on your property to address the issue. Remember being proactive is the best security approach, don't wait for the worst to occur on your property to make that decision.

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